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2011 Sober Graduation Project

posted Jan 11, 2011, 10:35 AM by
Fresno Survivors of Suicide Loss is proud to recognize ROTARY CLUB OF FRESNO for their contribution of$2,000.00 AND FIG GARDEN ROTARY CLUB for their contribution of $2,000.00 toward our Youth Suicide Prevention and Depression Awareness efforts. These grants will be used to support our Annual Sober Graduation Project. 

Each year Fresno SOS reaches out to graduating seniors in celebrating their accomplishments and reminding them that "It's OK to Ask for Help."  Fresno SOS recognizes that the transition between high school and life after high school can be a difficult one for young people to face.  These small "goodie bags/bottles" equip students with resources for help, steps to take if someone they know is in a crisis situation, and contact information for Fresno SOS and our services.  One of the many goals of this project is to get our Yellow Ribbon Card (see below) into the hands of as many students as possible to provide them with the tools necessary to help themselves or someone else in a crisis situation. 

Fresno SOS hopes to distribute 3,000+ at 15 high schools for our upcoming, 2011 graduating seniors.

We look forward to yet another successful project for the Class of 2011!