Workplace Training

Currently, our local county MHSA office is providing free Q.P.R training in your workplace. This is a two hour training, at your location. A certified trainer and materials are provided free of charge. Contact Kelly at for a presentation request form.

Q.P.R. training workshop

Q.P.R. (Question, Persuade, Refer) is a highly acclaimed international suicide prevention
gatekeeper training program headquartered in Spokane, Washington.  A licensed Q.P.R. Instructor will teach a basic suicide awareness/prevention gatekeeper component that builds critical skills that are helpful for adults to use in their professions and in workplace situations. Similar to C.P.R., Q.P.R. provides important information that can teach a person simple steps in how to identify a potential crisis, how to help a person in need, and how/who to refer individuals to for additional links to help.
Participants of this training learn common misconceptions about suicide, suicide as a public health problem, warning signs/risk factors, how to talk about suicide (Question), how to persuade a person to get help (Persuade), how to refer a person to appropriate resources (Refer), and how to build coping strategies and a safety-net. 
This training program is ideal for organizations and employees who deal with high risk populations.
Most workshops are 2 hours in length at your designated location.  We provide all equipment and materials to conduct the training.   

What some participants have said about Q.P.R.:

“This should be taught to everyone.”
“Thank you for bringing your personal story and experiences to the training.”
“I really didn’t think I needed this training. This was a wake up call.”
“You personal story helped us understand the topic.”


If you are interested in a QPR Training Workshop
 please contact Brandy Lidbeck at